The Petition to form the Hoodland Park District was filed on November 18, 2021 and the signatures have been certified by the Clackamas County Elections Office.

In accordance with Oregon State statutes the County must conduct a public hearing prior to referring the petition to the May ballot. The first of two, and possibly three, public hearings for this petition was held on January 6, 2022 in Oregon City. The Commissioners allowed testimony from the public both in-person and via remote digital communication.

A second hearing was held on January 13 at 6:00pm.  The meeting was hijacked by a disrespectful, disruptive, angry mob who were not on the agenda and were unrelated to any of the scheduled proceedings. Committee Chair Tootie Smith abruptly canceled the meeting. We applaud her decision.

A virtual-only hearing has been scheduled for next Thursday, January 20, 2022. More information is available at:

If you would like to offer testimony before the hearing please send it to: 

Please cc to:

A video of the January 6 hearing is available at:

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