The formation of Hoodland Park District is an amazing opportunity to take ownership of our community and its impact on our lives.


Hoodland Park District

Quick Facts


  • The formation of  Hoodland Park District depends on gathering enough signatures on the recently circulated petition to appear on the May 17, 2022 Ballot.


  • Hoodland Park District Boundaries include Sleepy Hollow, Brightwood, Wemme, Welches, Zigzag, Rhododendron, Government Camp, Summit Meadows, and Wapinitia just beyond Government Camp; essentially anywhere that is served by Welches Schools.


  • Hoodland Communities have the opportunity to take over several parcels of land from Clackamas County and, through local public process, develop them to suit the communities’ needs, including services and activities for seniors, children, recreationalists, groups, and visitors.


  • Local voters will be able to elect the Park District Board to lead the District on the May 2022 ballot. It is hoped that at least one person from each area will choose to run for Hoodland Park District Board.


  • The Hoodland Park District Board will then commence a public process to determine the development of amenities on these parcels and in each community, i.e. Government Camp and surrounding areas, Brightwood, Rhododendron, and Welches.


  • Imagine a skating rink in Government Camp, safe bike and pedestrians trails connecting communities, a dog park in every community, after school programming, recreational classes, intercommunity sports leagues…the possibilities are endless.


  • The Park District Board will acquire, through gift or purchase, other property to be developed into facilities equipped to meet the needs of the growing and diverse Hoodland population. The Board will rely on available grant monies to fund capital development.


  • The Park District will collect local property tax to support its function in the same manner as the Hoodland Fire District, Oregon Trail School District, and the local Library.


  • The property tax will be a maximum of  $0.67/$1000 of Assessed (not market) property value. For comparison, Oregon Trail Schools tax is $4.64/$1000, Hoodland Fire District tax is $2.89/$1000, and the Library tax is $0.64/$1000.


  • The Park District will seek partnerships with all other local Districts, Parks, USFS and community groups such as local CPOs to provide enhanced recreational services to local area families/households.


  • Parks and recreational enhancements to a community bring communities together, improve the health and well being of the residents, increase visitors’ attraction to an area, and improve property values within the district.


  • The formation of Hoodland Park District is an amazing opportunity to take ownership of community development and its impact on peoples’ lives. The District can take advantage of public and private grants only available to a government entity.


  • This ballot initiative is endorsed by Senator Chuck Thomsen and Representative Anna Williams.



Sign the petition and give Hoodland Park District a chance !


District Map

A Community Plan

The Hoodland Communities have the opportunity to determine the future of several acres of local land currently owned by Clackamas County. The Hoodland Park District Petition Committee is spearheading a grass roots movement to form a Park District to lead, through locally elected representation, the development and management of this land and any future expansions or projects. The newly formed Hoodland Park District would acquire land through gift or purchase in order to develop outdoor spaces where residents of all ages can safely gather, play and exercise. This is an opportunity to personally shape and have control over the area in which we live. Hoodland Park District would be funded with property tax dollars from residents within the Park District as well as public and private grant money. The Park District will be overseen by a Board made up of locally elected members residing within the district with the goal of having representation from every community within the District.

The proposed tax for the new district would require an additional property tax assessment at a maximum rate of $0.67/$1000 on the assessed value of real property located within the Park District, providing an estimated maximum annual budget of $600,000. This would represent an estimated maximum annual assessment of $200 for an average assessed property value of $300,000. The boundaries of the proposed Hoodland Park District are all properties served by Welches Schools including  the Government Camp area, Rhododendron, Welches, Wemme, Brightwood and the Sleepy Hollow area. The elected Board would manage park development projects, the operating budget, and apply for grant funds to develop special projects as well as seek partnerships with other Community Groups, CPOs, Districts, U.S. and County local Parks and Services . Park District employees would maintain the parks and related facilities. Received grant monies would do the heavy lifting of capital improvements for all Hoodland Park District assets.

Upon formation of Hoodland Park District, Clackamas County has committed, through a Memorandum of Understanding, to gift the deeds to four parcels of land along Salmon River Road. These parcels include the old site of the Dorman Center (two parcels) directly across from Welches School, including the current community garden space. Once the District is formed, the initial efforts would be to develop, through public process, a park on this site to be available for use by all people within the District. A proposed park design is attached for your review as an example of the possibilities that await all of the communities within the Park District.  If we fail to establish a Park District, the land will be sold by Clackamas County including the Community Gardens and, most likely, clear cut. The Park is just the beginning of Hoodland Park District developments in all District communities! Imagine a skating rink and other world class facilities in Government Camp or a District wide network of bike/pedestrian paths, for example.

Formation of the Park District requires an initial expenditure of considerable time and money. A feasibility study has been created and was sent to the county for approval. Over 1000 local registered voters signed petitions which were delivered to the Clackamas County Elections Office by November 18, 2021. This will qualify the formation of the Hoodland Park District to get on the May 17, 2022 Ballot. On the same ballot there will be candidates for the Hoodland Park District Board. If you are interested in running for the Park District Board please contact the office of Clackamas County Elections;

The following email address is open for your comments, questions and your offer to volunteer to participate in our campaign to form the Hoodland Park District!

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